Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Wedding??

Tonight I went up to Paige's room and knelt down next to her on the floor and said
"I love your sparkly lips."
 She said "It's for a wedding." 
"Your wedding or someone else's?"
"Who are you marrying?" 
With a sparkle in her eyes "My rapend (pretend) boyfriend." 
"What's his name?" 
"Uncle Jeff!" 
He's a great catch....but he is 29 years older....and your Uncle. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Primary Program 2012

Paige debuted in her first Primary Program Practice last Sunday.  The part she was given seemed a little over her head and I had meant to call the counselor and ask if we could 'dumb it down' a little for her, but never got to it.  The primary room was all abuzz on Sunday so I just let it go.  Sure enough, the reports that came back were pretty funny.  She had memorized "1 Nephi 3:7 I will go, I will do, the things the Lord commands."  But for her other part she said "I can choose the right by living princess gossiples."  Intepretation...I can choose the right by living gospel principles.
Kate has an entire talk about Nephi.  We'll see how they do tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Eventful Night

This morning I was so tired when I left for the gym that I thought I was forgetting something as I went into the garage.  Nope, keys check, cell phone check.  As I climbed into the car I realized I didn't have any shoes on!  I was also distracted because I was still laughing at Paige who had come into our room and said "Who shotted my door?  I was scared of the dark."  Our smoke dectector in our bedroom was 'chirping' all night.  Rick thought it started at 4am.  I thought it started at midnight.  Anyway, at 6:45 I stood on Rick's shoulders to get it down (14' ceilings in our bedroom) and it came crashing to the floor...luckily missing Rick's head, but waking Paige who thought her door was being shot through!  All three of us are a little tired today..luckily the rest of the family didn't hear a thing. 

Election Day 2012...Romney vs. Obama

Kate came home from school today and said "who did you vote for Mom?"  "I voted for Mitt Romney because we looked on the computer about them and I liked Mitt Romney better because he likes to ride horses and his favorite animal is a dog.  And because Barrak Obama was already the President so I think we should give Mitt Romney a chance.  And Barrak Obama likes to play basketball and eat chili."
Wow...guess she missed the Romney sign we had in the front yard...and all of the conversations we had about the campaign and the issues.  But she did learn that it's important to vote and to know why you are voting for who you are... in a first grade sort of way!
The votes are being counted....Rick is heading to a political event tonight in Bellevue.  Alot of nervousness and excitement here.
Paige came home from Preschool on Friday and said, "look Mom, the blue guy won (showing me a picture of the candidates) and he's going to be the President for 4 more days (which she later switched so years)!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Time to pay up Tooth Fairy

Tonight I was brushing Kate's teeth and noticed one of her top teeth was so loose I could see the top of it as I brushed it.  I quickly said "Ooh, that's loose and it's really dirty, let me brush that."  And pop it came right out and that was it!  Quick and easy as can be!

Tales of a 3 year old

Yesterday Paige said to me "Mom, I like you the lotest because you....bought me yellow string cheese."  Really!?

When I got home last night from Enrichment Paige said "I want to watch Justin Bieber".  He was going to be on the finale of America's Got Talent and all the kids where watching.

This morning she said "Mom, I really wish Taylor would let me play with her and Betsy.  Taylor needs to listen to Jesus (hand on her heart).  You have to share to your heart and share your toys.  And Taylor did not do that."  "Where to you learn that Paige?"  "I didn't learn it anywhere, I just knowed it."  (She learned it at Bible school, and is always telling all of us when we do something 'wrong' to listen to Jesus).

We made rice crispy treats today and we all had one.  I said I'd like to eat 3 more to which Paige said "you don't want to do that or you'll get fat like our other Grandpa."  "What other grandpa?"  "You know that one we met at Darla's house, he's fat."  Sorry, I had to post it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Paige Award

Paige had been feeling bad and said to me one day "I never get a trophy".  It was very sad and cute.  So one Sunday afternoon she got the Paige Award.  The kids had a room cleaning competition and she came down quickly and declared herself the winner.  I was prepared with a trophy nearby (a freebie from Grocery Outlet!).  She was so excited when we gave it to her, it was adorable.  She loved that thing and carried it everywhere, till the head completely bobbled off.

People ask if they're twins...and not just when they're dressed alike.  Paige is only a few inches shorter and 5# lighter.  But Kate is 6 going on 16 with big teeth coming in so I can't tell them apart...usually!

Halloween came and went, and so did Kate's next tooth.  I had teased her that with one top tooth she looked like a jack-o-latern, and then when it got really loose she looked like a witch.  Thank goodness it finally came out, now we can move onto "All I want  for Christmas is my two front teeth!"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yet another Halloween Party!

I was able to rope Grandma and Grandpa in for some help at Kate's school Halloween Party that I was in charge of.  Grandma headed the bingo station, grandpa was at M&M counting, I did the spider hats, which were a big hit (they also had oreo spider make-and-eats).

 Because we hadn't celebrated enough...we headed down to Kent Station for $2 Chipotle (which is the only way I got G & G into a costume!), and trick-or-treating for the girls.
 By evening I didn't care what anyone wore we'd dressed up so many times...
 My porch did look great with our bed pumpkin carving success ever.
 The loot always bring a smile...look closely at all the full-size candy bars...who are these people?

And the candy lasted until Spring since most of it was hidden in Rick's office for months.  The kids forgot about it after a few days.

Halloween Party #2

For our Ward Halloween Party we were a mishmash of costumes....Hillbilly Mom and Dad, moffia/detective, skelton, witch, and Sleeping Beauty.

 Ahhh, Aurora and Aurora, you can't have too many of those for Halloween.  Now if that was prom and your friend came in the same faux pas, but when you're 3, it's perfect!
 Aren't you two scary....
 And this is the scariest part for seems to happen every year.

Time to Spook

We went to the Elementary School Halloween Party.  There was an amazing make-up artist who did Paige's princess make-up and Kate as a cute puppy.  Then Kate went back later, without me, and asked the lady to change her into a vampire!  What???
 And Bradley did his own make-up and costuming....
 Later, Rick and I went as BYU athletes to a Party at the Geddes'.  That was a costume I could talk Rick into wearing...his old BYU gear.
 Good thing we dressed up, because some people went all out!  That's Samantha in the middle.  I never could quite get what she was...or Rebecca for that matter!

Bradley's Bear Badge

Bradley earned his Bear award in October after being a Bear for 6 months.  He also got 7 arrow points and his World Conservation Award.  It helps to have your mom as your scout leader :)
Congratulations Bradley, good work.

The last of the 30's

We tried to have a happy 39th birthday for Rick, but a deadend realestate prospect stopped us from our Red Robin plans, then there was a rushed dinner at home before mutual.  He tried to make it to a movie all day since we discovered he could go for free on his birthday and he just could fit it in. He was having bookeeping drama until 10:00, when does that ever happen?  When it was all said and done, we scrapped the pictures, lighting of candles and singing and just ate the cupcakes and opened presents at 10:30pm, poor Paige had her cupcake at 8 and went to bed.
Luckily the presents came through, a Wenger backpack and a 'spa pillow'. 
Hopefully the big 4-0 will work out better.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kate turns 6

We celebrated at school with cookie pops.

 Looking a little shy?  with her first kindergarten teacher, Ms. Daniels.
 A Luau party....
 They painted wood block decorations to take home with their names and Hawaiian vinyl.  We did mani-pedis

Kate didn't just lose a tooth, she lost two in one day!  After church Kate had a soft, gooey fiber-one granola bar on the way home from church and she lost a tooth.  Later that afternoon I was teasing her about loosing a tooth that hadn't even seemed loose on the bottom and I said lets pull one of those top ones that is a little bit loose.  I told her to bit on a piece of licorice.  She bit down, I tugged and her tooth went flying across the room!  Oops!  Good thing she wasn't too mad and me.

Paige Turns 3

We had a casual birthday party for Paige at Chuck E Cheese with her friends Taylor, Betsy, Jett, and Molly.  We had cupcakes and played and played.
She came home and took a nap.  We hadn't decided what to do that evening for her birthday.  The kids got home from school and said "let's go to Chuck E Cheese".  I didn't bother to tell the kids we had already been that day.  I work Paige up from her nap and asked her if she wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese, she said "YES!" So back we went!  They had upgraded ours

The MONSTERS did it

Paige came into my room on a partly sunny morning this week and asked, "why does the sun keep coming up and down and up and down?"  After patiently listening to a lengthy explaination of the sun going behind the clouds, she replied, "Oh, I thought it was MONSTERS!"

Sunday, April 29, 2012

What makes you happy?

This week Paige wanted some cookies or something sweet and I said no because I didn't want her to have anymore.  She exclaimed "But Mom, Jesus wants you to make me happy!"  That put the pressure I scurried for a response, I explained that Jesus wants her to have a healthy body and I would teach her how to have one.  Luckily it worked, phew, she almost got me there!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Back to School

 Tyson, 7th Grade Mattson Middle School                            
 Bradley, 4th Grade, Meridian Elementary, Mrs. Curry

 Kate, All-day Kindergarten, Meridian Elementary, Ms. Daniels (3 weeks later she was switched to Mrs. Peterson because they added another Kindergarten class).  I packed Paige a lunch because she wanted one too, not realizing she thought that meant she was going too.  When the bus driver called up all the kindergartners Paige's face beamed.  She followed right after Kate.  I had to pull her back out of the crowd bawling.  Poor girl, it was a rough morning for her.

Kate saying goodbye to daddy.

 She had no problem tears there.
Paige, Mom's Day Out, Miss Blair.  Her first day was a week later and she was so excited.  She wasn't sad a bit.  She loves school.

On The Way Home

During one of our visits to BYU campus I saw a picture in the Art Museam of a beautiful waterfall, Shoshone Falls.  We looked it up and realized it wasn't far off the freeway outstide of Twin Falls.  We decided to stop there on the way home.

 There was a beautiful overlook.  We had a picnic in a huge park nearby.
We all swam out to the dock in the middle of the water.
 We hadn't even realized there was swimming, but in the hot weather we couldn't resist pulling out the swim suits and taking a plunge.
 Bonus:  A diving board.
The girls even laid out for a bit.  What a refreshing stop on our long trip.  In the past we've stopped at a public pool and the zoo.  This was a great option too.  Sure beats a rest stop or fast food.